Students are expected to attend all their classes without fail. In case of illness or other unavoidable reasons, students are to attend at least 75% of the classes held in each course in order to be eligible to write the end-semester examination. If the student has been absent for medical reasons, the shortfall of attendance would be condoned up to 5% (only in regular semesters not in Summer semester) subject to submission of the relevant medical certificate to the Director, CIS. If, due to unusual circumstances, the student’s attendance falls far short of the required percentage, he/she may bring it to the notice of his/her course instructor/ teacher/Director/Associate Director well in advance. He/she can then explore the possibility of dropping the semester and registration during the next semester as per University rules. Students who are not found eligible to take semester examinations due to shortfall of attendance, may be considered for re-admission to the course concerned when it is offered in the following academic year.

Absence from classes continuously without information for 10 days shall make the student liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls of the University.

Exit Option
All courses are full time regular courses leading to a Master’s degree. Option of Exit with a Bachelor’s degree has been introduced for students admitted from the academic year 2015-16 onwards. The distinguishing features of the exit option are:

It is available at the end of three years in the case of M.A. (5-Year Integrated) (Humanities / Social Sciences) / M.Sc. (5-Year Integrated) (Sciences) students admitted during the year 2015-16. In the case of Integrated Optometry and Vision Sciences Programme the ‘Exit Option’ would be given at the end of fourth year. Exit with a Bachelors degree is subject to fulfillment of the requirement of First Degree Programme. Details of requirements is disseminated through the orientation programme(s) conducted for the purpose. Students are advised to consult the office for the same.

  • Students who exercise ‘Exit option’ at the end of three years of MA/MSc (5-Year Integrated) will be given B.A./B.Sc Certificates. Students in Optometry and Vision Sciences will a B.Sc Certificate in Optometry and Vision Sciences at the end of four years.
  • Students who do not exercise ‘Exit option’ will be given degree certificates at the end of five years.