Integrated Masters Programmes

The M.A. (5-Year Integrated) and M.Sc. (5-Year Integrated) programmes of the University of Hyderabad combine pre-graduate and post-graduate studies.

They are trans-disciplinary, cutting across several disciplines.

In the first two years, the Science program has courses in physical, mathematical, chemical and life sciences. The students begin their specialization towards a degree in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Life Sciences or Earth Sciences. This prepares them for interdisciplinary learning in the future as well. Similarly, the humanities, economics and social sciences take courses in all disciplines for the first three years providing them with broad and transdisciplinary view before they begin their specialization in the fourth year.

In addition, being housed together in the CIS, the students have free and out of class interactions between the sciences, social sciences and humanities. They debate and have discussions in informal club activities which enriches their understanding of other disciplines.

Extra Course/Credits A student can take courses over and above those stipulated for a semester and can accumulate extra credits in a given semester.

Additional Courses:
In addition to regular courses, the following extra courses are offered in either odd or even semester, based on availability of faculty resources:

Introduction to Music; Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish, Arabic); NSS-01-Personality Development and Community Service.

Note: These courses cannot be taken in lieu of regular subject credit course/s

Audit Course There is a provision for auditing of one course in each semester. Students who desire to audit course over and above the number of courses prescribed have to choose from amongst the courses offered by different departments in that semester and inform the CIS in writing. Courses thus audited should also be indicated in the Registration forms along with other courses opted for that semester.

Only one Extra / Audit Course is allowed per semester during 3rd to 6th semester, provided there is no clash in class timings.

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) University also runs a number of Fundamental and Elective courses every semester. Students are allowed to take a Fundamental/Elective course cutting across discipline boundaries. For some of the elective courses, pre-requisites are there, which need to be adhered to.

Tutorials: On the basis of the request of a sizeable number of students for additional guidance in coping up with the subjects; the Heads/Deans of the participating Departments/Schools provide tutorial support for small groups subject to availability of human resources.